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Posted by CRPR on September 26, 2011 at 9:45 AM

The Center for the Study ofRace, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Social Sciences (REGSS), an affiliate of theSocial Science Research Institute at Duke University, is pleased to announcethe establishment of the Samuel DuBois Cook Postdoctoral Fellowship.  Cook, a political scientist, was the firstblack tenured professor at Duke University and served as a member of the DukeUniversity Board of Trustees from 1981-1993 and is now a Trustee Emeritus.


REGSS seeks to provide a context where scholars interested in examining theconstructs of race, ethnicity, and gender from an interdisciplinary perspectivecan engage each other in dialogue and collaboration. Our questions and ourmethodologies draw on disciplinary backgrounds that include economics, history,political science, psychology, public policy, and sociology. Scholarsinterested in the study of race, ethnicity, and the intersection of gender withrace and ethnicity, are invited to apply for this one-year fellowship.Individuals working in the field of comparative race are also encouraged toapply.  Postdoctoral fellows teach onecourse during the year, present their research at one of the center's monthlyresearch colloquia, and devote the rest of their time to research and writing.


Fields:    Applications for study in any social sciencediscipline are welcome. Please specify your home discipline and/or thediscipline in which you received your Ph.D.


Stipend:  $40,000 per fellowship period.  Health benefits areavailable.  Some funds are available for research expenses, includingconference travel.


Fellowship Period: August 1, 2012 - May 15, 2013.


Eligibility: The primary criterion for selection is evidence of scholarship or scholarlyinterest in the study of race, ethnicity, or the intersection of gender withrace and ethnicity.  Applicants mustcomplete all requirements for the doctoral degree by August 2012.  Preference will be given to individuals whoare within five years of their degree, but more senior applicants will beconsidered.


Application materials: Applicants must submit an application letter (includingemail address) in which the applicant clearly identifies the area or disciplineof proposed research, curriculum vitae, sample publications and/or dissertationchapters, three letters of recommendation, a statement of research plans and adescription of the course you prefer to teach. The research statement should bea separate document and not included in a cover letter. If recommendationletters accompany application materials they should be in a sealedenvelope.  Please indicate in applicationletter if you are legally authorized to work in the United States.  Also, indicate whether you now, or in thefuture require sponsorship for employment visa status (e.g., Green Card, H-1B,TN, J-1.)



All materials should be sent to the address below and must be postmarked byJanuary 16, 2012.  Submitted material will not be returned to theapplicant. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


REGSS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Duke University

Social Science Research Institute

Box 90420 / Erwin Mill

Durham, NC 27705


Telephone (919) 681-2702



Question should be directedto:


Professor Paula D. McClain ([email protected])


Professor Kerry L. Haynie([email protected])


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